Built with obnoxious speed, power and performance in mind. The NOX BBCOR two-piece hybrid is an aluminum bat eight years in the making. Combining the latest bat tech with an aesthetic unlike anything else on the market – the NOX is built for ballplayers from the inside out.

Featuring an end-loaded design equipped with a military-grade aluminum barrel and carbon composite handle connected by our Two Smooth Impact Connection system for reduced vibration during contact. The ringless barrel with multi-variable wall thickness creates a thinner, more flexible sweet spot for maximum energy transfer and a higher M.O.I.

- Two-piece hybrid design built with a carbon composite handle and military-grade aluminum barrel 

- 2SIX, our Two Smooth Impact Connection, is a double banded vibration reducing connection comprised of a threaded connection between handle and barrel with two vibration dampening rings

- Dual band technology helps to minimize all unwanted, harsh vibrations from traveling to the players’ hands at contact, while the threaded connection helps to keep the bat sti- and maximize energy transfer to the ball

- Ringless barrel design made of multi-variable wall thicknesses create a thinner, more flexible sweet spot for unmatched performance 

- More mass built into the barrel for maximum energy transfer and a higher M.O.I.

- Pro-tapered handle shape for more top-hand control and an ergonomic fit for comfort

- Micro-perforated soft-touch grip with extra tack improves feel and control

- 2 ⅝” barrel diameter

- BBCOR certified

- Model # VCBN

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